About the Makin Bacon® Dish

  • Load it.
  • Cooks bacon with less hassle.
  • Place it in the microwave.
  • Cook to your liking. Cooks more bacon - FAST!
  • Pour away the fat.
  • Cleanup is a breeze. Dishwasher safe. Stores compact.

Cooking instructions

1) Insert the drip bars into holes of the patented Makin Bacon® Dish.

For: Use:
1-6 strips One drip bar in center
7-12 strips Two bars at front and back
13-18 strips All 3 bars

2) Drape bacon strips over each drip bar. For best results, distribute bacon strips evenly on the drip bars.

3) Place a paper towel over the drip bars to control splatter.

4) Place the Makin Bacon® dish in the center of your microwave oven. Cook bacon on high power for one-half to one minute per strip. (NOTE: Cooking times will vary.)

5) Remove bacon from the drip bars and pour bacon fat from the dish (at a corner).

6) Remove drip bars from the dish AFTER bacon fat cooks away or is poured from the dish.