Our Story

One Saturday morning, when I was 8 years old, my dad and I were cooking bacon. My dad had to put the bacon on the classified section of the newspaper because he ran out of paper towels and my mom freaked out. Dad made a wise crack and said, "I could just stand here and let it drip dry." I thought about it and said that if bacon cooked hanging up with a bowl below - then you wouldn't need paper towels.

So dad and I went to work. We made all kinds of gadgets that cooked the bacon above the fat, not in it. Eventually we came up with our first MAKIN BACON dish. It was great. We made a bowl with a handle and three bars to hang the bacon on. It cooked great too.

Since then we've been all over the world telling people about the healthiest way to cook bacon. We were listed as a hot new food product by Parade Magazine in November of 1994, featured in People Magazine, Good Housekeeping plus hundreds of write-ups in many other big newspapers and magazines. The story of my invention has been featured on Dateline NBC twice, on Paul Harvey, The Today Show, and many others nationally and internationally. I've been on TV shows like David Letterman, Maury Povich, and Oprah. It's been so much fun.